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Marketing Strategy
With over 20 years collective marketing experience, RockWaves is able to plan and implement anything from specific marketing campaigns through to annual plans.

Corporate and Brand Identity
At the centre of every great business is a great brand identity. RockWaves has the design skills to create either a new brand identity from scratch or evolve an existing one, creating guidelines across all digital and printed media.

Creative Design
We pride ourselves on the quality of our creative design (whether it's a new brochure, advertisement, direct marketing or e-marketing campaign), rather than showing off what we have done for other clients, we offer a FREE consultation for all our new clients so that we can show-off what we can do for you.

So you want to communicate with your customers using direct marketing? Today you write the copy, design the newsletter, send it to the printers and send the whole lot through the post. If you're lucky they might get it in the same week, but from start to finish it's more likely to be longer. Isn't communication mean't to be easier these days? Why not get it designed and sent out in the same day? RockWaves will design an e-marketing campaign, get users to click through to your site, and we'll even provide supporting analysis to show how effective the campaign was. What's more, we can handle the whole process and help you generate your own e-mail database so that you can communicate effectively.

e-mail is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way of communicating with your existing and potential customer's. You can keep in contact with your customers, keep them engaged with your latest offers and the growing trend is that e-mail is the preferred method of communication by most people. Think of it another way, if your clients are not hearing from you, they might be hearing from one of your competitors!

Direct Marketing
Whether you're after, door drops or targeted mailings, our service includes designing the communication, to managing the print, production and postal processes. With experience in managing pan-european campaigns, to domestic campaigns, our objective is to capture the attention of the recipient, whilst providing great value for money for you.

For fresh ideas, that work, contact us on 01503 273 244 or send us an eMail.

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